Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Considered to be one of the most accurate methods of cutting thick and thin metals, our laser cutting system has a high-tech fibre laser for incredibly fast, efficient and economical cutting of sheet metal.

It has unprecedented parts output in the thin-sheet-metal range thanks to Bystronics mature machine technology and the high-tech fibre laser. In addition it has the highest energy efficiency and flexibility as even non-ferrous metals can be cut. Our Bysprint Fiber 3015 machine allows us to increase speeds on sheet metal components when compared to other cutting techniques, even when dealing with detailed and complex shapes.

We are able to precisely cut sheet metal in steel (mild & stainless), galvanised and zintec material with a reduction in localised heat distortion. Laser cutting requires no de-burring or finishing and intricate detail is possible without the need for expensive tooling. In fact tolerances of +/- 0.1mm are achievable in many thicknesses.

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