Sheet Metal Fabrication [Bending, Folding, Forming]

Our sheet metal fabrication services cover a range of metals including steel and aluminium, specialising in the manufacture of sheet metal enclosures and sheet metal assemblies of all shapes and sizes.

Our superb sheet metal working equipment, machinery and software, allow us complete control offering our customers finishes and fabrication on bespoke items and mass runs.

We offer:

·  Surface Finishing, Inserts and Formed Cases

·  Sheet Metal Punching, Cutting, Bending & Folding

·  Tubular Cutting, Drilling, Deburring and Rolling

·  Assembly & Silk Screening

·  Anodizing, Engraving & Welding

·  Cropping, Shearing & Forming

·  Graining, Brushing & Polishing

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